FilmAirX provide remote aerial cinematography
and stills for Production Companies,
TV Channels, Marketing Teams, News
and Sports ProgramMakers.

FilmAirX has CAA permission (PFAW) to operate commercial drones (UAV/UAS) for aerial filming and photography.

FilmAirX experienced flight crew and cutting edge technology allows you to realise your ideas with stunning shots.


Aircraft and filming

Communication & Monitoring

  • 2 man crew, Remote Pilot & Remote
  • Camera/Gimbal Operator.

  • 3 way radio headphones to take direction from DOP, Director or Client.
  • Live First Person View down link to Pilot. (FPV Camera 1)
  • Live capture to camera and down link to monitor. (Camera 2)
  • Film AirX production vehicle with maintenance and charging station.
  • Cameras that fly 360-degree gyro stabilized ultra smooth.
  • Blackmagic Cinema BMPC Raw and ProRes 1080p.
  • Frame rates: 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p



  • Contact: with your shooting date and contact details.
  • Initial production brief, expectations, locations and movement order.

  • FilmAirX to assess locations and apply for CAA Permissions if required.
  • FilmAirX to email production price/pro former. Client to email confirmation.

    Shoot day

  • Pre flight checks, visual check of operating area and identification of hazards and limitations.
  • Shooting schedule and flight path agreed and cordon procedure.
  • 3 way open radio communications to take direction from Director, DOP or Creative.
  • We allow your 3rd party to control the remote gimbal/camera movement if required. Option to plot out a shooting map with GPS waypoints.


  • Hand over raw footage directly to Production or DIT at location.

  • Transfer media DVD, SD Card, USB and Secure Cloud.
  • Media can be backed up to our secure cloud with personal access & FTP password if required. (More)
  • We also offer web ready media from our post-production facility (See Rates).



Perfect conditions for an amazing shot.

Remember this scene from "Skyfall" where James Bond is chasing a bad guy across the rooftops of Istanbul? You might not realize it — in fact, that's part of the point — but a not-insignificant chunk of the footage shot for the movie was filmed using a drone. In fact, a growing share of blockbuster films involve the use of unmanned aerial footage. Beyond Skyfall, the list includes "Oblivion," "Man of Steel," "Star Trek: Into Darkness," "The Hunger Games," "The Dark Knight Rises," and "Iron Man 3," among others. Drones give cinematographers a unique advantage over traditional filmmaking methods. They have more reach and range than a crane. They're often more nimble than a helicopter. And that means directors can pull off risky, real-world acrobatic shots that would otherwise have to be created on the computer. "Ten years ago, when you wanted an action sequence you did them at 18 frames a second, then projected them at 24 — so that you could do them slow but it looks fast," said Emmanuel Previnaire, an academy-award winning drone cinematographer, at a Washington conference on drone technology Wednesday. "Now everything has to happen fast. It's become a very demanding industry in terms of motion control."

Booking and Rates

  • All bookings include:
  • FilmAirX licensed and insured 2-man crew.
  • UAV (UAS) Drone. Black Magic Cinema BMP or GoPro Hero 3+ and 360-degree gyro stabilized ultra smooth gimbal.
  • Production vehicle with maintenance and charging station.
  • Raw footage available immediately after shooting. Weather, postponement and re-schedule: we will always work with you to fulfill your production. Rates
  • Full day… Call time to wrap @ £1350. 4 hour slots @ £850. Other time slots by arrangement. Camera and Gimbal hire
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema + speedbooster lens 360-degree gyro stabilized ultra smooth gimbal. (See rates) Blackmagic POA. C300 POA.
  • Expenses and Travel As agreed with client as per shoot location.
  • Post Web ready media @ £30 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Free media Cloud backup.